Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World

In this blog we take a look at the Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.

Which are the top 10 cosmetic brand in the world? The cosmetics industry, has had one among the worst years in terms of revenue in 2020.It is observed that the recovery rate might be faster than most other industries.

This is because the forever evolving industries already had been browsing some major trend adoption, that has only been fastened thanks to the Covid crisis. In recent times, it seems the sweetness industry has been experiencing a makeover itself!

With the emergence of social media influencers and a plethora of online makeup tutorials and review, there is a strong opinion formation that already had been in works in the consumer base. The gain in popularity of online retail has also been quite significant.

Self-care routines have spurred a requirement in categories of soothing oils, fragrances and luxury soaps. However, it might be too soon to deduct if these trends are likely to disappear once Covid is over.However, it might be too soon to deduct if these trends are likely to disappear once Covid is over.

Since, the landscape of the beauty industry was already undergoing changes, these trends might just be the beginning of permanent change in consumer preference. There is a undercurrent of buyer awakening within the beauty industry.

They can be wont to cleanse, like shampoo, body wash, and face cleanser. They can be used to replenish and protect the skin, such as toners, serums, moisturizers, and body creams. Or they will be wont to enhance one’s appearance, such as makeup.


Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

L’oreal paris is a leading total beauty care company based in Paris, France.The building, constructed within the 1970s from brick and steel, replaced the previous Monsavon factory, and employees moved into the power in 1978. 1,400 employees work in the building.

The biggest beauty brand in the worls,L’oreal paris has commitment to research, innovation and providing high quality products for women, men and children of all ages.

It is the worls largest cosmetic brand and has developed activities in the field on

  • Make-up
  • Hair Colour
  • Skin Care
  • Perfume
  • Sun Protection
  • Hair Care

The Products are found in a hair salons and supermarkets,health/beauty outlets.Helping hundreds of millions of women and men are trust l’oreal paris.

Must – Try : L’oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation

Easily , one of the best drugstore foundation out that even makeup artist and vloggers swear by.


Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

We just can’t deny that Colorbar is definitely one of the leading beauty brands in India providing us with the best makeup collection trending huge every season.

Samir Modi is that the founder and director of Colorbar, it had been founded in 2004.

It caters to a number of products catching every girl’s attention as their products add color to nails, eyes, lips, and face. You’ll be left awestruck by their ever-so-rejuvenating collection of cosmetics.

It has also established itself in Dubai and is expanding per annum . It’s one among the fastest growing beauty brands with over 65 stores, 900+ multibrand outlet.

Must – Try : Colorbar Perfect Match Primer 

This is, one of the best drugstore primer on the market. want a flawless base without spending too much.

This cosmetic brand comes in Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.


Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

Lakmé is owned by Hindustan Unilever and is that the top-ranking makeup brand in our nation.

It was founded in 1952.Later, Tata sold off his stake to HUL, and the company rapidly grew from there.

This company is that the title sponsor of the Lakmé Fashion Week.It basic line is within reach of the average India women.

Since it keeps innovating, it now has new lines, such as Absolute and 9 to 5, which offer high-end, premium products.

Must – Try : Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Color

These lipstick are so- good for daily wear , and they come in 40 different shades.

4. M.A.C

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

M.A.C entered the makeup scene in 1984 in Toronto, and it’s been a neighborhood of Estee-Lauder Companies since 1998.

This company made the product only for makeup artist and models,but this brand into one of the biggest global makeup brands to exist.

M.A.C is additionally one among the foremost socially conscious brands with initiatives like Cruelty-Free Beauty and Back to M.A.C Recycling.

It has raised quite $86 million towards charity since 1994 with its sale of products under the ‘Viva Glam’ range.

Must – Try : M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

The most classic shade of red that magically suits everyone on the planet.

This cosmetic brand comes in Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.


Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

Maybelline is one among the foremost popular makeup brands within the world and a subsidiary of L’Oreal.

It is intresting thing are it was started in 1915 bt a 19 year old, Thomas Lyle Williams saw her sister using vaseline, coal and ash for eyebrows.

The century-old company’s headquarters is in New York , and it’s recognized all around the world for its quality and innovative products.

Must – Try : Maybelline New York Colossal Volume Express Mascara

If you have not already tired it, you are seriously missing out.


Revlon is the one of the most popular makeup brand in India.

If you are into makeup, i’m sure if you have own one or two product of revlon.

It has a flexible range of makeup products, care products, and fragrances.

This US-based company was founded in 1932 and has held a reputation of being the trendsetters within the world of makeup.

Must Try : Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This foundation provide hydration and gives you long – lasting  coverage. If do you have normal dry skin? Then , this foundation help that will work for you.

This cosmetic brands comes in Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.



Sugar is an Indian beauty brand that is preferred by Indians women nowadays, this brand was founded in the year 2012 by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee.

They put their paws when the whole market was captured by Lakme, L’Oreal, MAC, Maybelline. The company never lost its faith, in creating its place.

The CEO of this brand believed in the class of their ‘fruit’.In the year 2019, they opened 2 outlets in Kolkata and Bengaluru.

The starting of sugar products are only available in online ,but they want to make a physical relation with customers, So they connected and make a deeper bond with their customers.

Must – Try : Sugar Mettle Matte Lipstick – 04 Soteria, 05 Hedone, 06 Electra

This lipstick are long lasting and good for daily wear, its good smell.


Nykaa is Mumbai based multinational e-commerce company founded in the year 2012 by Falguni Nayar.

This company has also taken part in social responsibility, in 2015 they raised funds for project Nanhi kali on international women’s day.

In 2019 they partnered with Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif to launch a new brand Kay beauty.

Nykaa launched its own products that got more attention especially the bullet lipstick range.

Must – Try : Nykaa So Matte ! Mini Lipstick Naughty Nude

This Nykaa matte mini lipstick are nude shadesand is daily wear. it’s smell like good.

This cosmetic brand comes in Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.


Oriflamme is a multi-level company, it was founded by Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick in the year 1967.

This company encourages women’s beauty. They have multiple products like fragrances, lipsticks, eye-shadows, nail paints, etc.

Every year they come up with unique products that make people go crazy.

Must – Try : Oriflame Sweden The One Loose Powder Compact

Flexible formula delivers a fresh, shine-free finish without settling into fine lines.Keep the perfect finish with this super – fine  translucent powder.


Makeup revolution offering professional makeup and it affordable price,so its everyone can buy.

It has got a wide range of eye and lip palettes, contour kits, and concealer palettes.

Launched in 2014, its products have taken the planet by storm, and despite their low prices, the brand doesn’t hamper on quality in any manner.

Must – Try : Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

This palette is a perfect combination of shimmer, pearl, and matte shades. There so much you can do with it. It is a total rockstar !

This cosmetic brand comes in Top 10 Cosmetic Brands In The World.

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