Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s

Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s

hello guys in this blog, I am showing you all Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

Top 11 Best Watch Brands

A status symbol, novelty and above all, a brand name that can vouch for a rich legacy. Those are the traits of a luxury watch brand. A luxury brand is certain to satisfy all the tips about your checklist from to comfort and that’s what places them at a better pedestal than mass-produced watches.

You’ll find what you want, whether you’re a watch connoisseur fixated on a particular favourite or an amateur who would willingly explore the exuberant timepieces for their aesthetic or technical prowess, or maybe both.

1.  Corum

Top 11 Best Watch Brands

Corum redefines luxury and exuberant aesthetics but with an ingenious and bold combat it.

The longevity and on-going success of the brand is derived from its technical advancements.

With a knack for presenting the less ordinary, Corum struck success when it launched the Admiral’s Cup collection as a tribute to the legendary sailing competition, the Admiral Cup.

The avant-garde Golden Bridge timepieces, with the primary in-line baguette movement, showcase Corum’s superlative technical know-how.

For instance, the Corum Heritage Coin collection has beautifully captured American currency in watches.

2. Titan

Top 11 Best Watch Brands

If you’ll quote ‘Class at an inexpensive rate’, you’d definitely be quoting Titan.

Titan is one among the simplest selling watch brands in India in 2021, which has managed to flood the markets with its best in school watches.

It started its process in 1984 and ever-since then is growing.

Titan has loyal customers because it has been ready to satisfy the public’s need with each and each one among its watches.

With the foremost trendy designs for both men and ladies , Titan has managed to realize the loyalty of its customers with the affordable wrist watches it’s to supply .

This watch comes in Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

3. Casio

Top 11 Best Watch Brands

After Citizen, Casio is the top competitor against Titan.

Though when it involves the worth ranges Casio is dear as compared to Titan, albeit both are considered to be proper competitors within the wrist watch market.

Casio is an international brand which originated from Tokyo, Japan in 1946.

This brand is especially a consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing brand.

The wrist watches produced by Casio are one of the most prevalent accessories in the Indian markets.

These watches have a singular bulky design which you won’t find easily in watches produced by other brands.

Casio’s main target audience is the youth of India and individuals in their early 40s.

The reason being it’s bulky watches tend to bring out a feeling of power and confidence when one were to wear it.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Top 11 Best Watch Brands

This American apparel brand is legendary for the creation and production of over the highest accessories and items like belts, sunglasses, wallets and watches.

Tommy Hilfiger may be a name which is on the lips of just about all those people that want stylish watches with a singular design.

This brand always tends to offer the most unique styles and designs which you might not be able to find elsewhere. The watches provided by Tommy Hilfiger are designed and produced by Movado.

Tommy Hilfiger may be a brand which dignifies supremacy and enhances a person’s outfit to an excellent extent.

The chrome steel design incorporated with scratch-free glass protection gives Tommy’s watches a singular look.

Most of the wrist watches produced by Tommy are fit to wear for any occasion.

Whether you’re going to college, on the way to a party or an outing with friends, if you possess a Tommy Hilfiger watch it will surely match with your outfit.

This watch comes in Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

5. Fossil

This American based brand which was founded in 1984 .

Fossil may be a brand that nearly every teenager a minimum of once dreamt of getting , one among its watches.

The Fossil group comprises Abacus, Michele Watch, Misfit, Relic, Skagen Denmark, WSI, Zodiac and Fossil watches.

With such a wide group being a contributing factor, Fossil has managed to mark its presence in the market.

This brand is taken into account to be a millennial-friendly brand thanks to its moderate prices and stylish designs.

The main reason any person would be attracted towards a watch is the way it looks on their hands, brand name and what all features it has.

Fossil is one of those brands that tends to produce wrist watches with such distinctive designs that everyone In India goes berserk for their watches.

6. Timex

The only brand which may compete with Fastrack within the domain of cheap and funky watches is Timex!

Timex’s main focus is the production and selling of its watches. It is well-known in the international markets for producing stylish and appealing watches.

In India however, that’s not precisely the case for Timex.

This brand is usually seen as a competitor of Fastrack, as they mainly produce watches of comparable design or within an equivalent price range.

Many Indians consider Timex as a brand for youngsters and don’t prefer it for the people above the age of 20.

This belief is set due to the fact that Timex has produced some of the best durable watches for children.

These were those firm plastic watches that looked sporty and were extremely durable.

The watches which Timex produced for kids were so resistant to wear and tear, that a child could wear it while playing any sport or wear it all the time and the watch would last for years.

These are the type of watches which were produced by Timex.

This watch comes in Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

7. Fastrack

Fastrack 3072SL01 White Round Dial Men's Analog Watch

Which brand’s watch do the bulk of school-going children tend to wear? The most common answer that you simply will hear is Fastrack!

From the ages of 10 to 20 you will find most guys wearing the watches produced by this brand.

Fastrack was established in 1998 in India.

The brand’s main motive was to focus on the youth of the country and establish an area within the Indian accessories market.

We have already mentioned the greatness of the Titan brand above.

Now, coming to Fastrack, this brand produces one of the most durable, sturdy and resistant watches for youngsters.

If you’re looking for a watch to give your young nephew or get one for a teen, then you have to check out Fastrack’s insane collection.

It is one among the simplest watch brands in India with reasonable pricing.

After reading this we bet you can draw a conclusion of what is the target audience of this brand. This, however, doesn’t mean that there’s any compromise in quality or design.

8. Rado

Rado may be a popular name within the luxury watchmaking industry. The brand is classy, reliable, and opulent , to mention the smallest amount .

The watchmaker has always taken pride in its designing abilities and has made it very clear to the world that it is not to be taken lightly in any way.

Rado has given the planet a number of its most original designs.

Such watches are a number of the foremost precious designs which makes Rado all so popular in India.

And this actual fact makes Rado one among the simplest ladies watch brands in India.

This watch comes in Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

9. G- Shock

The G-Shock was conceptualised in 1981 by Casio engineer.

Since then, the name G-SHOCK has become a byword for independence and pushing the bounds .

G-SHOCK is the ultimate tough watch. Newer high-end models within the line also feature GPS, compass or radio-controlled adjustment referred to as Multi-Band.

The G-Shock was conceived as a watch which  “triple 10” resistance,  A battery lifetime of 10 years, have a water resistance of 10 bar and will survive a fall of 10 metres.

In 1994, Casio introduced the Baby-G brand G-Shock watches designed for ladies .

G-Shock are smaller than a daily G-Shock and were originally marketed for ladies .

In 2013 so as to celebrate 30 years of the G-Shock, Casio arranged a celebration in new york and showcased new models also as various prototypes of upcoming models.

The party included a performance from rapper.

10. Sonata

  Sonata, India’s largest selling watch brand is etched within the hearts of each Indian and timeless designs.

Little do people know that it’s a sub-brand of the Titan group.

The USP of Sonata watches is that they’re not very expensive and have an honest collection catering to both men and ladies .

There is no brand operating, we have identified this vacuum and launched SF by Sonata,” said Titan’s watches and accessories CEO Ravi Kant.

SF sub-brand is the evolved version of Sonata’s older Super Fibre range of watches and targets urban male in the age group of 15-26 years, he said.

This watch comes in Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Men’s and women’s.

11. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander.

We liked the ingenuity of this mix such a lot that we wanted to include the thought in our own line of watches.

It was imperative for us to craft a contemporary yet truly classic watch.

We wanted a clean and minimalistic design that might complement the varied patterns and hues of the long-lasting NATO straps.

This classic yet refreshingly crisp design can mix and match seamlessly with our colourful NATO strap.

The smart leather strap and therefore the beautifully crafted mesh strap.

Our leather straps are crafted from genuine Italian calf leather.

Are available during a range of chic reminder brown and black, with a silver or rose gold plated brace.

 Our beautifully crafted mesh straps are soft and lightweight, ensuring the watch sits comfortably on your wrist.

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